What Is the Role of an Architect in Construction?

Building a structure is a complex project and takes many different team members to expertly perform a wide variety of important tasks. Architects help keep many pieces organized and help the process flow more smoothly. Read on for some crucial roles architects fill in building projects.


Before a project even begins, architects initiate communication with stakeholders and other interested parties. They gather information, opinions and possible limitations a project might run up against, and they discuss with the team the best plan in consideration of the unique circumstances of each build.


If you’ve seen the large blueprints used on many a construction site, you’ve seen a small piece of what architects are known for. Drawings for structures can be complex and highly detailed, especially in custom builds with unique measurements. These plans help the client picture the final product, estimate costs and timelines and gather precise data to avoid missteps. Drawings are then revised as needed and shared with the construction team.

Budget Estimates

An architect can cost out builds per the proposed plans and designs. It is vital that these estimates are accurate: You may have heard the adage about time and money and their synonymous actions. In other words, a qualified architect will correctly forecast the time and funds a project will take and is, therefore, a highly valued member of the team.

Team Building

An architect can assist in choosing the right contractors and team members to complete the build. With intimate knowledge of the construction plans and design needs of the structure, an architect can pinpoint the right types of skill and expertise for an individual project. Often, an architect will act as a project manager as well and keep track of contracts, invoices and other organizational aspects of the build.

While each build is different, architects play an enormously important role in builds as large as hospitals and as small as single-family dwellings. A qualified architect can benefit a building project in an abundance of ways both large and small.