These Are the 5 Key Tools All Architects Need

What makes a great architect? If you’re looking for someone to help design your dream home, you’ll want someone creative, resourceful, savvy and excellent at problem-solving. A great architect also employs certain super-handy tools. Look like a pro by knowing a little bit about the day-to-day tools expert architects employ.

1. The Software

CAD design software is a must when it comes to designing a beautiful and functional house. An architect can take you through the basics of understanding the software and how to read their plans.

2. The Camera

As creative people, most architects bring a quality camera with them on their travels to snap a pic when they see something that inspires them. A high-quality camera is also a must for establishing a professional portfolio and effectively displaying past projects.

3. The Phone

Even when cellphones were the hot new thing, architects were some of the first people to adopt this now-essential technology. A smartphone is an excellent resource for some quick design work out in the field and hosts a variety of handy tools for measuring and calculating in a pinch.

4. The Calculator

Speaking of calculating, even in the day of smartphones, many architects still keep a classic calculator on hand. These can be great for quick number crunching and to ensure that there’s always a reliable way to make those essential cost calculations even when that smartphone has sadly run out of battery.

5. The Scales

Kind of like a ruler on steroids, a scale is an architect’s best friend and helps ensure accurate measurements and correct real-world applications of their renderings. You might find multiple scales at your architect’s office. Not sure what to get for a Christmas present? Scales are always a great choice for the architect in your life.

You might be an architect if you have these five tools handy at all times. And knowing about these ubiquitous sidekicks in their super-powered arsenal will have your friendly neighborhood architect smiling approvingly and maybe even letting you play with their camera. Just kidding. Don’t touch the camera.