The Importance of Architectural Design


If you are going to build or renovate a home or other building, it’s important to have architectural design done before the work begins. Drawing blueprints and building models allows the architect to work with you to customize your building exactly the way you want it. Having a plan beforehand also prevents errors during the construction process. It is a lot easier and less expensive to fix a mistake in a drawing or on a 3-D scale mock-up than it is to correct a building that is under construction.


What Does Design Involve?

Architectural design is primarily concerned with functionality. A building has to meet the needs of the person owning or leasing it, or it is worthless. Safety is also a primary concern; a new building needs to be structurally sound, designed to withstand the test of time and built in accordance with the local building codes and ordinances. However, architecture is not only concerned with practicality, functionality, and endurance. Architecture is also an art form that is concerned with the aesthetic beauty of a building. While architects work to their clients’ specifications and take their needs into consideration, they also use their own artistic sensibility to make each building unique.


Imagine a life spent living and working in buildings that all looked exactly the same. You would survive, you could function, but a vital part of your soul would be starved of color and beauty. Whether you’re aware of it or not, architectural design helps to feed that part of your soul that craves artistic sustenance.


Why is Design Important In Renovation?

The same concerns about correcting mistakes before construction begins apply to renovation of an old building the same as they do to building a new one. However, the design is also a concern in renovation because the new changes or additions should match the cosmesis of the original building. There should be unity and coherence to the overall design.


Whether you’re renovating an old building or constructing an entirely new one, the design of the building is important for practical as well as aesthetic reasons. That’s why it is important to hire a reputable architect.