How to Choose the Right Site for Your Custom Home

Improve your building

When planning a custom home, selecting the right site Is one of the most important decisions you will make. A great location can enhance your enjoyment and maximize your investment. Choosing the wrong property can lead to serious problems. Here are some tips to help you find the ideal lot for your custom home design.

Create a Checklist

Consider creating a list of the most important qualities, such as lot size, schools, nearby services, views, shopping and proximity to work. Two key factors to evaluate are the amount of natural light and privacy. Think about how your lifestyle might change over time and whether you might want to expand your house later.

Research the Area

As you discover neighborhoods you like, explore them on weekdays and weekends as well as different times of day. If possible, spend time at a restaurant, grocery store or coffee shop to observe the local vibe. If you’re seeking a rural area, make sure you’ll have access to services and utilities you need, including a strong cellular signal and high-speed internet.

Consult with Professionals

Experts at an architectural or design firm can determine if the lot you’re considering is suitable for your custom home design. They can research crucial issues like permitting, utility availability, setbacks from water and lot lines, property restrictions, flood zones and so on. They can also assess whether the lot’s slope, drainage and other characteristics might add complexity and costs for your contractor. You don’t want to purchase a lot without expert input, only to find out your custom home can’t be crafted on it or might need major changes.

Looking for the optimal site can seem challenging at first, especially since it’s a decision you’ll literally live with every day. Developing a checklist, taking time to research the area and working with experts can help you find just the right fit for your custom home design.